Final Lucifer Trailer is Here

What a bittersweet feeling this is. I still remember the day I first watched the pilot (I will neither confirm or deny that I watched the unaired pilot). And what a journey it has been.

From Fox to Cancellation to Netflix. No show has touched me the way Lucifer has. I reviewed all of Season 3 in the now defunct Word of the Nerd, I reviewed Season 4 in Tell-Tale TV.. I went to San Diego Comic Con 2018 and got to thank Tom Ellis in person for his work in the #SaveLucifer campaign.

(It was a moment I still remember and I’m still proud I was able to ask a good question despite of how nervous I was.)

And now we’re here at the last trailer and it is a journey. Lucifer is God but seems reluctant to take of his post, we see Amenadiel in uniform, Scott Porter’s Carol Corbett talking to Lucifer, A new sister, Mazeve working together, Dan screaming (never change Dan), Lucifer on Linda’s couch (it’s always been one of the most important parts of the show for me as I say in my deep dive). We also have Deckerstar as cartoons!

Oh and the world seems to be falling apart! Maybe this will finally get Ella in on the secret? Time will tell.

But for now — that’s all folks!

(I had to!)

You can watch the trailer below and the final Lucifer season hits Netflix on September 10.

Published by Maii Trueba de Buen

She/Her. 30 year old lover of media, especially when it comes to love, friendship and messy bisexuals.

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