Goodbye Lucifer, and Thank You

We’re on the eve of the final season of Lucifer and I told myself I’d write something before the episodes came out. I’m cutting it close but this one was a hard one to write. This is not like my usual articles but I think the situation called for it. Because how can I even begin to explain what Lucifer has meant to me all these years? It’s practically impossible, but I shall try my best. 

There’s so many memories to pick from? 

I went to San Diego Comic Con dressed up in full Chloe Decker cosplay and talked to Tom Ellis during the fan faves panel in 2018. He mentioned that I made him cry and it’s still a highlight of my life. (I promise it makes sense in context and I was 5 seconds away from crying myself). There’s the entirety of #SaveLucifer which is a campaign unlike any other — so much tweeting, crying, and sending letters to netflix — and the pure joy when Lucifer actually got saved. 

There’s reviewing the show in Season 3 and 4 and being excited whenever someone interacted with my stuff. Also the months I nagged everyone I know to watch this show and mostly succeeded. Meeting incredible people in the fandom and making wonderful friendships. Not to mention one of the best OTPs in the world. 

Obviously since I am writing this before the episodes drop, I have not seen them so there are no spoilers for the final season here. I wrote about what Lucifer Morningstar meant to me in the deep dive published earlier this year. I went deep into why the character and Tom Ellis’ performance touched me in the way that it had. How I saw a lot of myself in him. So I will try not to repeat myself.

You never know what something is going to mean to you. I stumbled on Lucifer in the most boring way possible. (Someone might have made a gifset of the leaked pilot and I thought it looked neat so I might have watched it.)

A show about the Devil escaping to Los Angeles with the guy from Merlin, Shay from Chicago Fire and Principal Wood from Buffy? Sure why not. I had nothing else to do. I was hooked. I thought this has potential I’m going to watch when it airs. I didn’t love it being on Fox because I had the bad luck of loving shows that got cancelled. Either way I still didn’t know what I was getting into.

It exceeded my expectations.

It was funny, it had heart, the acting was great. Still don’t love that all the Latine people in the show have shady pasts but that’s American television for you. (Also Dan and Ella are more fleshed out than most Latine characters in modern media so we’ll let it slide this time). The characters felt fresh, the main character was bisexual. It was interesting because it mixed fantasy with reality in a way that felt new and nuanced.

A Needed Refuge

I should note that 2016 was not an easy year for me. I lost my beloved grandfather in April after watching him wither away for a year, I was figuring out my sexuality and going to therapy. Lucifer became a refuge. It helped me in ways I can’t even name.

I grew up in a Mexican catholic family. I have a truly wonderful family but any Mexican or catholic can tell you that those environments aren’t great for conversations about sexuality. I didn’t really know the term bisexuality even existed until Marissa Cooper kissed Alex in Season 2 of the OC and even then I didn’t know it was a possibility until my 20s. I told myself that I couldn’t be gay because I liked guys, girls were just pretty ( I was right about the fact that girls are pretty). So obviously coming to terms with my sexuality was a very long process.

I’d always felt a connection to the Virgin Mary, I mean I was literally named after her, and I liked my faith. It brought me peace. But something that happens when you grow is sometimes you start questioning things, and the Catholic Church as an institution is rotten, corrupt and misogynistic. I was like Ella in season 4, I felt lost. I couldn’t call myself catholic because it didn’t feel true to me but atheist didn’t fit either.

Plus you kind of grow up hearing that what you are is not natural, it’s not normal. Which let me tell you can be extremely damaging.

Then came Lucifer whose main character was not only the son of God but also very bisexual. He had a lot of issues and was very relatable. I was interested and then came my favorite episode “A Priest Walks in a Bar” written by the brilliant Chris Rafferty. It’s a masterclass in storytelling and in acting. It’s truly one of the best episodes I have ever seen. Whenever I recommend the show I tell them to at least watch that episode. Because it’s emblematic of what the show is in my humble opinion.

The scene where Lucifer yells at the heavens felt like what I was feeling. As did the inclusion of Ella Lopez as a character. Seeing her believe and then struggle to keep onto that belief? I felt seen. Nowadays I still don’t consider myself catholic because I don’t believe in the institution of the Church but I am definitely Spiritual. I still believe in God. I know there’s something out there. It was Lucifer as a show that helped me come to terms with my faith and for that I am thankful.

Created with Love

Outside of Season 3 which was a mix of true germs and horrible flops (and that highly biphobic episode with Pierce and Lucifer) I do believe Lucifer is one of the most consistently well written shows of the last few years. Joe Henderson and Ildy Moldrovich put together a team of wonderful writers who understand and care for the characters.

Which sounds easy but it really isn’t.

So many showrunners and writers nowadays mock the fans and fandoms. They believe “subvert expectations” is the way to good writing (it’s not). That characterization doesn’t matter as long as you can shock your audience. And if you can screw over loyal fanbases in the process? Even better! I never felt that with this creative team.

It always felt special. Because it is.

You can feel the love that goes into the characters and the stories, the respect for the process and for each other. They are fans of their own characters and love them as much as the fans love them. They know the way. It’s a breath of fresh air and so comforting. Also made it so I will be following both Ildy Moldrovich and Joe Henderson to whatever they do next.

They respected the fans, they respected the shippers. Deckerstar are wonderful because of it. Because they knew that was the heart of the show and that they needed to give them the development they deserve rather than the will they won’t they of other shows or the biphobic trope of cheating.

The writing was not always perfect because human beings are fallible and do I think they couldn’t have benefitted from queer voices? Definitely. But it’s clear that they tried their best — sometimes the storyline worked and sometimes it didn’t. And the mistakes I can think of come from maybe not knowing rather than being willfully ignorant or actively malignant.

You can always tell the difference, trust me.

Holy Character Dynamics Batman!

This is a show that allowed for characters to move the plot rather than have the plot move the characters. It has some of the best character dynamics I have seen on television — which is what I try to tell people when I recommend the show.

  • Realistic female friendships? Check
  • Incredible Character Dynamics? Check
  • Complicated yet Nuanced Families? Check
  • Friendship between a divorced couple? Check
  • Respectful view of therapy? Check
  • Ship where both halves are fleshed out and there’s no drama just for drama’s sake? Check
  • Found Family? YOU KNOW IT.

This show is my absolute favorite but even I admit it does sound slightly ridiculous. The devil got bored of hell and is now solving crimes in LA? With any other creative team and cast it could have been a mess. A fun one but a mess nonetheless. And yet it’s not.

It’s a show with more heart than most shows, where the characters are fleshed out, the dynamics feel real. Half the characters are not even human and yet they feel so human. It’s truly outstanding. They give therapy the respect it deserves and has some of the best mental health representation dealing with self-harm and our own insecurities, which I went into much more detail here. (I recommend reading it because it is some of my best work).

I made a comment earlier but Dan and Ella are both fully fleshed out characters. With good and bad sides, we know their likes and dislikes. We know what makes them get up in the mornings and how they love other people. Which is kind of rare for Latine characters. We’re usually in the background or not in it at all.

Even shows with prominent Latine characters they’re usually the ones we know the least about.

Amenadiel and Maze are also fully fleshed out. While I think the show hit some missteps with Maze (Season 3) it’s still a mostly coherent arc. She’s the #StrongFemaleCharacter but she’s allowed to show emotions outside of fighting. Tough characters aren’t always allowed that chance. Most shows would have Amenadiel as the antagonist for most of the show. Lucifer allows him to grow and realize his mistakes with the same respect it gives to Lucifer himself.

The brothers’ relationship is one of my favorite dynamics because it feels honest. Also because DB Woodside and Tom Ellis are magnificent. Literally the entire cast is spectacular. I know I keep using that word but it’s the truth.

Lauren German makes you love Chloe from the first second, Kevin Alejandro brings a heart and soul to Dan that makes him all the more special. Aimee Garcia brings light to Ella, Rachael Harris gives gravitas and power to Linda. Lesley-Ann Brandt gives you vulnerability and strength as Maze. Lucifer could have easily been a stereotype but he’s not and that’s thanks to the devotion that Tom Ellis puts in the role. DB Woodside is a joy to watch as Amenadiel grows into own with a smile so infectious you can’t help but smile.

Together they are magical.

Thank you….

And now we’re at the part where I get slightly more specific.

Thank you to Eve for showing you can stand up for yourself even if it takes you eons. You can always change your life and find yourself.

To Maze, for the loyalty you show to your friends and showing that we all have a soul just by the act of loving people. And bonding over the strangest things.

To Ella for finding joy in the small stuff. For showing how cool it is to be a nerd and having someone to share things with. Sometimes we open up to people and it doesn’t work out but that doesn’t mean we should shut ourselves off.

To Charlotte, for showing that you can fix the mistakes you made in the past and showing our past does not define us. For having the courage to stand up to people and being tough when people need it.

To Linda, for being the heart and soul. For showing the wonders of therapy and helping others when they need it the most. And going through immeasurable lengths for your friends.

To Dan for showing that no matter how life keeps pushing you down you can always get back up. That unlikely friendships can fill your soul and doing the work always pays off.

To Amenadiel for showing that we can make mistakes and we can doubt ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we’re flawed we still deserve that happy ending. For having faith and believing.

To Chloe for going with your gut even if it goes against what others say, for trusting in unlikely friends and knowing to ask for help. For being brave enough to be yourself and always fighting for what you think is right.

To Lucifer, for showing that we all deserve good things even if we don’t think we do. For showing how to fight your inner demons and how to start to forgive yourself. That you can be flawed, playful, trusting and loving. Loving is never the wrong choice and honesty always matters. Try to go forward even if it’s hard and that it’s okay of some days you just need a break. We all deserve love and redemption.

Thank You

To the Lucifer Crew for doing the hard work and also for entertaining us doing the years.

To people like lucifansgroup1, Lucifer Spain, the entertainment writers, Lizzie and the rest of Fangirlish, Gissane and Marvelous Geeks, Spoiler TV, MJAD Designs. Everyone else who contributed and kept the fandom alive whether it was with photos, fan conventions, giveaways… everyone who contributed to the fandom, whether it was a big contribution or just by liking posts.

To the Lucifer Writers, for caring about the characters and always trying your best to give them what they deserve. I love all of you and think you’re all extremely talented, but I do have to single out Chris Rafferty for writing a lot of my all-time favorite episodes. You sir are extremely talented and an inspiration.

To the Lucifer Cast, for putting your all into the characters and making them what they are today. For all your hard work and dedication. Always being good to the fandom even when things weren’t always nice.

To Neil Gaiman for writing the original comic the show is based and narrating one of my favorite Lucifer episodes.

To Joe and Ildy, thank you for creating this show and showing us that everyone deserves a shot at redemption. Thank you for loving the characters and respecting the fans. You are truly one of a kind.

To Lucifer, thank you for changing my life, giving me some wonderful friends and a comforting escape which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Now I’m going to get my tissues ready to watch the final season of my favorite show. Thank you for listening.

Love, Maii

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